What does aperture mean?

What is Aperture?

I started photography with no knowledge about aperture in dslr camera but as I keep
on practicing I am now slowly getting familiar with aperture.

Aperture is the opening of the lens where light is coming inside the lens.

When you set your aperture to the lowest f-stop or f1.8 it means that more light
travels into the lens because the lens is widely open and on the other hand, when
you set your aperture to the highest f-stop or f22 it means that less light will travel
into the lens.

Take a look at the image below that I took a while ago. I used 50mm for the shot
and my aperture is f1.8 which means the background is blurry and has more light
coming inside the lens because it is widely open.


The image at the is f22 which means everything is in focus and only less light
coming into the lens.

Changing the size of the aperture has effect on the depth of field, the depth of field
is the small area of the image that looks sharp than the other objects of the image.
So when you use f1.8 your subject is sharp and everything else in the background
is blurry while f22 is all the objects in the background and foreground are in focus.

Lets go to night photography

You might ask why some night photographers are using the lowest aperture
and still the images are sharp and in focus? Isn’t that lowest aperture gives you
blurry background?

Take a look at this image


My settings is 30 seconds, f3.5 and ISO 3200. As you can see I have used the lowest
aperture of the lens which is f3.5 this means that more light travels into the lens.
What I did to get the foreground and background in focus is I set the lens to infinity
which gives the foreground and background in focus.

Look at your lens and find the symbol infinity, set it there and your ready to go.

One more thing, if you want to learn more bring your camera, go out and practice.
I think that’s the best thing to do to learn more.

What does ISO mean?

What is ISO in DSLR camera


29mm 1/25 f11 ISO 100

When I first got my dlsr camera I don’t know what is ISO and its effect on the image
quality. One day I ask my friend what is ISO and its effect? He said, ISO is the
sensitivity of your camera. The higher the ISO gives brightness to your image, while
lower ISO gives you less brightness to your image. I also observe that in lower ISO,
I can see that the image has no noise while at ISO 3200 gives me noisy or
grainy image.

To give you more understanding what is ISO and its effect I have a example picture
here with different ISO.


Did you see the difference?

As you can see at ISO 100 the image has better image quality than the image at ISO
3200. I don’t know if you can see the difference in the image.

When taking a picture you should always try to stick at ISO 100 but this is not always
possible specially when you are in a place with less or low conditions. Of course
you need to adjust the ISO until you get the best light. In low light condition or at
night I recommend you to use a tripod so that you don’t need to adjust to higher
ISO and still get the best quality image when getting the shot.

Remember, do not always stick at ISO 100 just to get the best quality image. There
are a lot of images out there that has higher ISO and still get best quality image.

Adjust the ISO only when needed or depending on the light conditions.

Do you have any other questions? Leave them in the comment section below.

Add Beauty to your Landscape Photography


One of the most beautiful part in capturing landscapes is the sky specially if it is a colorful sky which you can see on the image above. If the sky has no color but has a good light you can still consider the sky to add more beauty on your photo.

Adding a beautiful mountains to your landscape photo can add more beauty to your photo specially if the mountain has different formation or layers of mountains. One more thing is if the light of the sun hits the mountain capture it because that is where you can see how beautiful the landscape is.

If you look at the sky and is developing with good light and colors, capture it right away because after counting minutes the good light will be gone of course don’t just keep on clicking you have to consider also a good foreground, look around you and find a nice foreground.

Landscape Photography | Baguio City Sunrise

Baguio City Sunrise


This is another sunrise image that I took at mount sto tomas. This is only a handheld shot. I was suppose to take the shot with a tripod with multiple shots because my plan is top capture the sun burst but don’t have time to set up so I just took it handheld.

By the way, I was just at the tip of the road when I took the shot I was standing there and when you look down it is dangerous  so I have to step background a little bit so that I will not slip or else you know what will happen, you will not gonna see me posting again.

Mount Cabuyao Sunrise

Landscape Photography | Mountains of Baguio City

The beautiful mountains of baguio city


What a great morning everyone. The image was taken at mount st tomas where you can see the mountains of baguio city. It was cloudy that time and the sun was covered a bit by the clouds. My friend and I spend the morning in the mountain for almost two hours waiting for a good light.

During that time let me tell you that the temperature was so freakin cold, we are high up the mountain experiencing the cold weather but after waiting for more than an hour it is already hot because the sun is up.

Today is my one year of blogging

My one year of blogging


Its been a year since I started blogging. I wanna say thank you guys for all the comments, likes and visits. It really encourages me to write more and share it with you.

Today I am happy because I made it for one year, I know blogging is not easy but I believe that someday I will get hundreds and thousands of views. I just made a photo collage with some of my landscape images from my one year of blogging and some of them are on the images page.

Its rainy day in baguio city

Its rainy day season in baguio city, its been raining these past few days and I can’t go out to take photos to share in this blog. There is a storm coming but will not land in the philippines I think it will go up to the north.

Today I’m gonna wait until the storm is gone because I know that will be the best time to go out and shoot sunrise or sunset it depends on what time will the storm leave. What I mean by the best time is it will be the best sunrise and sunset color.

Foggy morning at baguio city


You might think it is not foggy at all because of the picture, As you can see on the ground it is not foggy, I just took a picture where it is clear. I have been walking around searching for a place to photograph the fogs, from 5am to 8am (not exact) baguio city was covered with clouds I don’t know how it looks when you go to mount cabuyao.

Everywhere I go all I can see is fog its like I am in heaven walking around or floating above the clouds. I felt the cold and I am just wearing t-shirt.

Sunrise view at country club baguio city


As a photographer I am really enjoying taking pictures with a beautiful view like the picture you see above. 100 meters before I got to this location I am happy because I saw a beautiful view but while I am approaching I saw something that I didn’t like to see in my image, I saw a house below but I still took images because the sky is stunningly beautiful.

As I look back again with my image the house below did a good part in the image. I was thinking what will be my foreground if there is no house below? A plant? or a flower maybe? I think the house was just ok as a foreground it looks simple and beautiful.a