Minesview Park Milky Way

The Milky Way at Minesview Park Baguio City

The milky way is seen at minesview park view deck.


I woke up in the morning and went directly to minesview, while I was their I look up in the sky and I saw the milky way and I sep up immediately my camera and used 10mm wide angle lens for this shot. By the way, the guy standing in the image is me.

Some people say that you cannot see the milky way in your own naked eye, some says that its not real, and the other says that it was photoshopped. Well for me they were all wrong.

What is your camera setting?

In these shot I used 30 seconds, f3.5, and ISO 100. Some lenses has lower aperture like f2.8 which is much better in shooting at night because f2.8 gives you bright image, if you use f22 for example your image is dark because the opening of your lens is not wide enough.

When is the best time in shooting the milky way?

Look at the image above, I took the shot just before the sun rises, why? because I want to see the colors on the horizon. For me, I think that is my best time to shoot the milky way I just want to see or add some colors in the image.

Here in baguio city during summer the milky way rises from east or southeast and sets at west or northwest.

Thank you for visiting!


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