Getting back to where I started

Good Morning Philippines


I have so many landscapes shots in these mountains and I just want to say that these is where I all started practicing landscape photography. The place is mount cabuyao.

We always had the opportunity to head back and explore one of my favorite mountain of benguet. We always keep coming back in the mountain because it has so much to discover. You can see beautiful mountains, you can see the whole city of baguio, la union province and some rock formations.


It was such a beautiful day and had great time taking photos while we were there.

I think one of the reasons why people wants to go to mount cabuyao is they want to see la presa a very popular place because of the teleserye forevermore and another reason why they want to visit is they want to see the whole city of baguio, let me say these, you can only see the beauty of baguio when you go up there at night.

When you go up to mount cabuyao at night make sure that you bring jacket because it is very cold and windy, if you cannot fight the cold there is a restaurant called cafe in the sky where you can eat and drink some coffee, enjoy also the city lights of baguio.

I had only 3 things I wanted to do every time I go there, take landscape shots, eat at the restaurant and relax.

If you follow me on Instagram you can see some of my landscape shots around baguio and benguet and parts of la union.


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