An Epic Fountain Shot at Rose Garden Baguio City

A simple colorful fountain


I visited rose garden so many times practicing long exposure photography.

Well first of all, rose garden is the first place I visited when I first pick up my dslr camera way back in 2013. It was one of those spots I would pass through a lot. I keep coming back here to hunt some photographers that I know to join them photograph-ing the place.

I spent about 2 hours waiting and capturing the place at the right time, so I have more than 50 shot images and the picture you see above is I think the best one.

It was hot here in the afternoon and so freakin cold in the evening here in baguio city so if you are thinking to visit the city make sure to bring your jacket. The time that I took the shot I don’t have jacket I am only wearing t-shirt that time so after I got my best shots I went home immediately.

In capturing the fountain it is trial and error I remind myself about these every time before I go for a landscape shoot. I only used 18mm in this shot and 30 seconds long exposure to make the fountain look smooth. My camera settings: 30 sec, f11, and ISO 100. I keep clicking the shot button until I get the best shot and boom I got 2 exposures that I love and I blend them in post-processing.



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