Mist During Rainy Season

Mist Mist Mist


Even if it is raining I still have the chance to go out and shoot. During rainy season expect a mist like these. The rain continuous to drop, according to the weather forecast it will continue to rain for 5 more days. That Sucks!

But anyway, hopefully these these coming weekend I pray that there will be a good sunrise if not there will be no landscape photography again in 2 weeks. I love shooting a mist its one of my favorite in photography its because it is different than just shooting sunrise or sunset, I just love the drama, I love to see the fog crawling around. The best way to see a fog or cloud moving is to go up to a high place, you can see how the cloud moves you can even do some time-lapse. Every time I go up to mount cabuyao where you can see the whole city of baguio I don’t have the chance to see a cloud moving, I always ask myself when will I see something like that? I’ll promise to post one if I got the chance.

Bad News

The whole philippines is experiencing heavy rains now, in the low lands they are experiencing floods which is many families are affected and many people died too, here in the high lands we are experiencing landslides which is not good too.


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