Hanging Out at Mount Kalugong

First of all after 2 weeks of non stop rain, now the rain stops I am so happy that the sun showed up.


I had great time hanging out with my friend at mount kalugong we went there for sunrise and sunset shoot overlooking latrinidad benguet after capturing sunset we spend the  night and waited until morning to capture some night photography like the milky way. I always wanted to go back here for another sunrise or sunset shoot. In these place you can roam around, there are people taking care of the place, you can stay at the cabin or look for place to camp the only problem when you want to stay at the cabin is there is no electricity yet, the night is very very dark but its good that I have flashlight on my phone.

After a good night sleep we woke up and look for place to shoot the sunrise so we just decided to go up to the tip of the highest rock and set up our camera there. It was a good sunny day after all, the place is very quiet and very cold at night.

There is a sheep at mount kalugong


We packed up and hike down the mountain, while going down we just saw a sheep and I was like wow this is my first time to see a sheep in my whole life. I tried to get closer to the sheep to get a closer shoot but the sheep runs away. Hopefully they will grow in number and fill the place with sheeps.


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