Fears I Face When Going Out for Landscape Shoot


I also have fears when going out alone especially during the sun rises because it is still dark, it does not mean that I’m afraid in the dark. These world is full of bad people, if I met one in the streets I don’t know what will they do to me, they might steal my camera and if you don’t want to give they might do something bad to you or something I don’t know, we don’t know what will happen next now I thought I would go ahead and share some of my fears I face these past few years.

  1. Going out alone

I don’t fear that much when going out alone. During my first time in photography I’m gonna say yes I fear going out alone especially during night photography but after more than 2 years of experience I realized that it is not that scary but it is challenging. The good news is I never been a victim of theft or never got stolen in my whole life.

2. Physical Challenges

Well first of all I am not an athlete but when you go out for landscape shoot and you want to take some beautiful shot, you need to go up and down the mountains you really need to be strong physically. One time my friend and I hike one of the mountains in benguet and I am about 20 meters away from him so I rested and wait for him, while waiting for him he rest too, I waited for 5 to 10 minutes and I call him and never answers, I call him for the second time and now he answers I ask him what happen? and he answered I got dizzy. For me getting dizzy during hiking is ok to me your dizziness will leave you right away.

If you have fears during your travel or anything and how you overcome them please share it in the comment below.


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