Shooting at Minesview Park Baguio City


I never tried shooting directly at the sun because it always give me flares, my first try was fail, second and third try I fail again so what I did is to watch some YouTube tutorial to learn how to they do it and I also continued to ask some of my photography friends. After watching tons of tutorials and asking billions of questions I went back to the place and tried again and now I’ve done and nailed it.

The image above is at minesview park baguio city a place where I always keep coming back to practice what I learned in landscape photography.

As you can see I make the image black and white it is because I don’t like the original color. The color was good and beautiful but I don’t see the drama in it. I just want my image to look fresh and not boring colors so I just decided to make it black and white. For me if I saw something is not looking good in my image I need to do something and what I always do is make it black and white and see the result.


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