I stop at cathedral church


Before getting home I stop at cathedral church waiting for the sunset during that time there are too many people walking in front of my camera and I don’t want to see that in my image so what I did is to wait a bit to get dark to take some long exposure so that even if there are too many people walking you cannot see them in the image. As you can see there are still people in the image standing, they are waiting for the church service to finish, there are no seats available inside so these people just stands outside.

I always wanted to go back here and take some beautiful sunset shot but now I think its not my time to go back and the weather is not good it always rain in the afternoon.

Sharing a bit history

During the 1990 earthquake baguio city was hit and most of the buildings were destroyed and collapsed but this church is still stands and not destroyed like there is nothing happened, after the earthquake almost all of the people around the city is in the church praying but after weeks and months the church is empty like where did all the people go? People nowadays go to church if something bad happens to them and after their problems were sold they will not attend church again.


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