Places to visit in baguio city part 2

Here is the second part of the places that you need to visit in baguio city. I have listed 3 destinations and one of these place is my favorite of all time.

Minesview park view deck



The view deck was renovated 2 years ago that was 2014 now it is easy to walk around not just at the view deck but also the place. It has cool air you can go to the place as early as 5am and enjoy the fresh cool air, before sunrise you can feel not too cold air but after the sun rises the air is very cold that is true I’ve been their so many times and I can feel the difference.

The lake at burnham park



The lake is very beautiful early in the morning you can see fogs coming up in the water and sometimes a misty lake. There people coming to jog and photographers to capture the moment.

I don’t know the fee when riding a boat, we just let the tourist enjoy the ride. You can walk around the place or visit the newly renovated athletic bowl or enjoy skate boarding or rent a bike and at night visit the colorful fountain at rose garden.

The philippine military academy (PMA)



A while ago I said I have one favorite place and that is PMA its because the place is very clean I cannot even see a trash around its like you’re in other country. The museum is the one I love there are old fire arms and other stuff that were used during the world war 2 I was just so excited to see all of those things.

Before there is no fee when you visit but now there is a fee of 20 pesos to each person and there is also a fee when you go inside the museum.

There are more places to visit in baguio and benguet so stay tuned.


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