Another hike at mount yangbo or little pulag


My friend and I went for a visit at mount yangbo, we met up at 3am and went directly to tawang la trinidad benguet and started hiking up until we reach the summit. We have only reach 30 minutes of hike, its not too far but the hike is tiring.

My only reason why I love going out for a landscape shoot early in the morning is I don’t wanna miss the opportunity capturing the beauty of the sunrise or the beauty of nature. While we were at the summit and while waiting for the sun to rise we rest a little bit and enjoying our success. The temperature is cold and I only brought on jacket. My ears ands fingers are very cold its like when you touch it, it will break (just kidding).

We went for a hike for one reason, we want to capture the sunrise but the sunrise is not good enough that is why I just took the misty mountain just after the sunrise.

We spent almost 2 hours at the mountain patiently capturing images, my shot is the photo above it is a misty mountain which is what I like the most than the other photos.


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