Visiting the most photographed landscape in baguio city


How beautiful and awesome is landscape photography today? Its like a home with a clean exterior and interior designs everywhere you look its really beautiful.

It is the same with landscape photography, every time I go out for a sunrise and sunset shoot I can see beautiful landscapes. With recent blog post I always say that the sunrise and sunset are not good and I’m sorry to tell that, my shots is the one who is not good enough and sometimes I miss taking picture of the scene. I am the only person who can say right now that landscape photography is the best genres of all genres in photography. I don’t know about you but I’m just being honest.

For us hobbyist, we capture the landscape scenes until we are satisfied but if we fail there is always time to go back and even if we are satisfied we are still hungry to go back because everyday has different scenes.

With the past 2 years I tried practicing different genres like portrait but during that year I felt like I’m not happy and that’s the reason why I continued landscape and I will continue until I get old. Other photographers want to learn all genres of photography but in my own opinion it is much better to focus with one genre than learning all genres until you succeed before doing other genres.


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