Mount cabuyao sunrise in a misty day


If there was one place in baguio or benguet that I really want to visit, it was mount cabuyao.

I’m just so happy that every time I go out for a landscape shoot I am always blessed with a good sunrise I visited mount cabuyao again and it happens. I have one other reason why I always visit I want to see a sea of clouds covering the city and if I did I don’t need to go to mount pulag.

Every time I open facebook to check some landscape photos of my friend (this was the time that I don’t have a DSLR camera) I was always inspired that I always tell myself me too I want to shoot landscape and soon I will be like them that was my dream and I made it happen.

The last time I visited here all of my photos that I took sucks, it really sucks I did not post even one picture on Facebook until now, all of them were taken from jpeg file not raw file it is a waste of time for me. During that time I went home frustrated but happy to visit again.


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