Baguio city world wide photo walk 2016


This will be my fourth time joining the photo walk. Way back in 2013 I joined the walk without a dslr camera but I have a cellphone camera to take pictures. Before joining  the walk in 2013 I have so many questions to myself because I know nothing about the photo walk and I don’t know what to do, I ask myself why would I join the photo walk without camera? and what will I do with the pictures? During that time I realized that it is a photo contest but I did not submit any photo that I took.

In 2014 I joined again but this time I have now a camera and I have prepared myself because I want to win the contest in the group that I joined so I submitted one photo but I lose the contest but I am happy to have new friends that time and I have learned new lessons about photography.

2015 photo walk was boring, I’m gonna say it again it was so freakin’ boring. We are only seven or eight walkers and our route was also boring it was foggy day during that time and it seems like everyone in the group is bored too.

This year 2016 photo walk was good but we have a bad weather, we gathered at baguio cathedral around 3pm and we are only 12 in the group or more. Its quite boring because it was raining until evening I’m expecting not to rain but I was dissapointed, I did not take too many photos because of the bad weather but I have one photo that I like, its not that good photo but it is much better than not to take a photo ( I usually don’t take photos in this kind of events because I only focus on landscape).

At rose garden I took a photo of the fountain at 30 seconds, f11, ISO 100 using tungsten light to give some blue effect to the image. During the photo walk I only took 4 photos one at the lake and 3 at the fountain that was it and I did not take a photo anymore. I hope you like the image.



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