3 years of photography


Today is the day I bought my first dslr camera and the day I started photography. I was suppose to save all my shots from the day I started but I deleted them all, I just want to see the difference of my shots before and now and see if I improve or not but what I can see is I improve a lot of my landscape photography.

During my 3 years of experience there are ups and downs, there are times that I fail, times that I get bored and almost give up from my photography but I learned from my fails, I encourage myself to go out and take more pictures.

As you can see at the image above is one of my first landscape shot in 2014, during that time I don’t know what I am doing, before taking the shot I search on Google how can I take picture straight to the sun without the foreground getting dark? and I found some answers and applied it. The image is two exposures one with the background and one with foreground and combining it in post processing to make one image.

The second image which is in 2015 is what I like the most, it is one of my favorite shot at mines view park, I like everything from foreground to background and also the colors.

And my third shot is the sea of clouds which is I took just few weeks ago, I did not expect to see a sea of clouds during that time. I’m just so happy that I saw one and I’m expecting to see more. All my three shots is at mines view park.

via Daily Prompt: Daring


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