4 ways I do to improve my landscape images

I have spent the last 3 years taking pictures inside and outside baguio. I have slowly learned some techniques of landscape photography during these years by asking questions with experienced photographers, by watching tutorials online and by practicing regularly.


Here are some of my tips that I do to help you:

I go out and practice daily and don’t do snapshots

I have done these in my first year of photography, I usually go out to practice my craft until I get the right shots and do quick snapshots but doing snapshots will leave you boring photos, it is still much better to give time focusing on your composition before taking the shot, it is useless practicing daily with boring photos. Go out and practice.

I give time scouting locations

Some landscape locations here in baguio and benguet is I have scouted already I’ve visited these places so many times that is why every time I visit I know what composition that I want for my images. To the first time shooters get familiar to your location by searching maps or go the place early so that you will have time finding better foreground to your shot.

I use tripod

Tripod is important to me specially that I love shooting in low light. It helps me get sharp images without camera shake and I have control over my camera settings. If I don’t have tripod I don’t have better self portraits, I also use it in shooting water flows specially in seascapes and fountains.

Photo post processing (I edit my images)

This is what professionals always do they process their images to make it more lively. Post processing is very important in any photography genres and it is part of photography it is NOT cheating. Manipulating or adding some elements in your images is what I called cheating, it is not good, it is not professional and it is not part of photography.

There you go this is what I always do to improve my images.



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