Shooting moving clouds


The cloud is moving so fast that makes the cloud look soft or smooth and I love it. I capture it with 4 seconds long exposure with CPL filter. It is also my dream to shoot cloud movement and I made it. Soon I will buy 10 stop ND filter to shoot longer exposure, when you try to look at the filter it is very dark you can see nothing. The filter is use to shoot long exposure in daytime only you can not use it at night because it is already dark but its up to you if wanna still use it at night (just kidding) don’t ever use it at night.

What I really want to show in the image is the moving cloud next is the mountain. I know it is a very simple image but I hope you like it.

For me, I also love shooting in a cloudy moment doing long exposure becuase I love making clouds look soft the same with seascape I love making the water look clear and soft.

via Daily Prompt: Promises


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