Quiet time at the rocky mountain


Its a great time going out and visit the rocky mountains of benguet. It was very early in the morning when we started hiking up the mountain until we reach the top. At the top of the mountain it was so quiet that you cannot hear any noise except when you shout or speak.

I discovered this place because of one photographer he invited me to go out for a sunset shoot and when we got there I was like wow it was beautiful. I’m on top of the world.

For me it is the highest mountain that I have been too, I never visited mount pulag yet but its ok, going out to this place is like you are in different place, you can see some of the highest mountain like mount ugo which is higher than mount cabuyao and you might even see mount ulap you will also see la union and the whole city of baguio.

I called it rocky mountain because the first time I visited the mountain december 2014 I saw some rock formations, it is good for landscape photographers to shoot sunrise and sunset. The word rocky mountain is not really the name of the mountain I just named it because of those rock formations. Vege


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