Shooting Sunrise | Ilocos Sur


2016 was the start of my travel experience for me. It was the year that I felt in love with travelling. I only travelled a few cities last year and that was the first time I felt like I want to travel more.

The weather here in ilocos sur was like a summer season in baguio city. It was so hot even if it is christmas season. I only wore “sando” because of the hot weather even the tourist just wore shorts and tshirts.

One of the reason why I visited ilocos sur is to shoot sunrise and the image above is one of my shot. It was too late for me to see these scene and I did not expect that there is a beautiful place like these for photography.

I love the sky of my shot but the foreground is not good enough for me I don’t have filters to use for the water flow. I did not also expect to visit and spend the night here that is why I don’t know that there is a place for landscape photography. These is the reason why I want to go back and shoot again with filters and at the right time.



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