SM Baguio City at Night

SM Baguio

Before going to the mall I already pictured in my mind the image that I wanted to take so I don’t need to walk around and find the right composition.

When I got there it looks like the image that I am envisioning is not what I wanted to achieve, I took some shots and move to another spot and took another shots and reviewed the pictures and again I took severals shots with different compositions and still I could not find the image that I am envisioning, I don’t know what is lacking but I have one shot that looks a little better but not the image I wanted and that is the image above that you see, it is because I think the image is a bit balance and only few lights trails coming from the cars because there are only few passing cars.

There is another thing that I observe, there are fogs coming from the left I wanted to see fogs moving (I don’t know the right terms to use) but yes I wanted to see fogs moving around the area with longer exposure from 10 to 30 seconds but I could not do it because the image would be too bright because of the light from the mall.

But I am still happy with the image. l



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