What does ISO mean?

What is ISO in DSLR camera


29mm 1/25 f11 ISO 100

When I first got my dlsr camera I don’t know what is ISO and its effect on the image
quality. One day I ask my friend what is ISO and its effect? He said, ISO is the
sensitivity of your camera. The higher the ISO gives brightness to your image, while
lower ISO gives you less brightness to your image. I also observe that in lower ISO,
I can see that the image has no noise while at ISO 3200 gives me noisy or
grainy image.

To give you more understanding what is ISO and its effect I have a example picture
here with different ISO.


Did you see the difference?

As you can see at ISO 100 the image has better image quality than the image at ISO
3200. I don’t know if you can see the difference in the image.

When taking a picture you should always try to stick at ISO 100 but this is not always
possible specially when you are in a place with less or low conditions. Of course
you need to adjust the ISO until you get the best light. In low light condition or at
night I recommend you to use a tripod so that you don’t need to adjust to higher
ISO and still get the best quality image when getting the shot.

Remember, do not always stick at ISO 100 just to get the best quality image. There
are a lot of images out there that has higher ISO and still get best quality image.

Adjust the ISO only when needed or depending on the light conditions.

Do you have any other questions? Leave them in the comment section below.


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