What does aperture mean?

What is Aperture?

I started photography with no knowledge about aperture in dslr camera but as I keep
on practicing I am now slowly getting familiar with aperture.

Aperture is the opening of the lens where light is coming inside the lens.

When you set your aperture to the lowest f-stop or f1.8 it means that more light
travels into the lens because the lens is widely open and on the other hand, when
you set your aperture to the highest f-stop or f22 it means that less light will travel
into the lens.

Take a look at the image below that I took a while ago. I used 50mm for the shot
and my aperture is f1.8 which means the background is blurry and has more light
coming inside the lens because it is widely open.


The image at the is f22 which means everything is in focus and only less light
coming into the lens.

Changing the size of the aperture has effect on the depth of field, the depth of field
is the small area of the image that looks sharp than the other objects of the image.
So when you use f1.8 your subject is sharp and everything else in the background
is blurry while f22 is all the objects in the background and foreground are in focus.

Lets go to night photography

You might ask why some night photographers are using the lowest aperture
and still the images are sharp and in focus? Isn’t that lowest aperture gives you
blurry background?

Take a look at this image


My settings is 30 seconds, f3.5 and ISO 3200. As you can see I have used the lowest
aperture of the lens which is f3.5 this means that more light travels into the lens.
What I did to get the foreground and background in focus is I set the lens to infinity
which gives the foreground and background in focus.

Look at your lens and find the symbol infinity, set it there and your ready to go.

One more thing, if you want to learn more bring your camera, go out and practice.
I think that’s the best thing to do to learn more.


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