Adventure, Travel and Landscapes

Hi, my name is Felix Daogas, I am a self thought landscape photographer based in baguio city, it is located in the northern part of the philippines these is where I practice my talent as a photographer.

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I am passionate with landscape photography. When I first got my camera I don’t
know what genre I am going to focus. Since I started I practice almost any type
of genres in photography like street, nature, macro and landscape… I did it
just to get familiarize with camera settings. After a year I felt in love with
landscape photography which I do it every week to practice and until now I keep
on practicing.



I have choosen landscapes because I want to “Capture Dramatic Moments”.
That is my tagline. I always dream to capture the best scenes in landscapes
during sunrise and sunset. I got some pretty good shots but I am not yet
satisfied. I wanna go outside the country and travel the world to capture best
landscape sceneries. For now I want to save some for future use.