The east view of sadanga mt province


Yesterday I was planning to go out scouting some good places for my sunrise shoot but I did not go because we arrive late and I am not too familiar with the place. I was thinking I might  get lost so I just woke up early in the morning and go scouting. I was looking for a good place and foreground but I can’t find any but I still took some shot. r

In the afternoon I still had hope to capture some good light so while waiting for the sunset, the sky is getting dark and starts raining and I’m not able to capture sunset. The next morning the sky is cloudy and the sun was covered with clouds so again I had no chance capturing sunrise but I was thankful my first sunrise shoot was good. “I need to practice my english”.

Mount ulap adventure / My first visit


Finally I made it to the top of mount ulap for the first. It was very tiring going up and down from the mountain but I enjoyed. As you can see in the image it is a grass land where you can only see few trees.

I think the best time to start the hike is 4 or 5am its early and a bit cold and another reason to start early is the temperature, it is cold in the morning but after 4 or 5 hours of walk you will feel the hot temperature especially if there is no clouds covering the sun but don’t worry there is also a fresh cold air coming when you start hiking down the mountain until the last trail.

You will need a lot of water because I know you will get dehydrated and your body heat will increase, bring a 2 liters of water or more and… I forgot to say eat your breakfast before the hike or else you will feel dizzy during the hike.

If you are a landscape photographer and want to shoot sunrise I think you need to start the hike at 4am and try to reach the first peak so that you will get the best shot of the sunrise with no trees covering the view. c

Mount kalugong sunset


This mountain is one of the most visited place at tawang la trinidad. When you go inside there is a 50 pesos entrance fee and you can walk around or even stay for the whole day, you can also set up camp and spend the night. There is also a restaurant inside where you can eat your lunch or you snack.

The image you see above is one of my sunset shot during our visit to the place. The place place where I took the image was just below the restaurant, on the left side of the image that is la trinidad.p f

We spend an hour waiting for a good light to come up and boom I was able to capture the best light color of the sunset during that time.

Mount Yangbew Sunrise



Today is february, time was just too fast its like yesterday was a minute ago. Still my plan this year is to travel until forever. I’ve got so much left that I want to do that I did not do last year I need to finish the race and story that I started. d a

I remember when I first hike this mountain I was like I’m on top of mount pulag but you cannot see a sea of clouds. You can only see la trinidad and baguio city.

I love how I took the shot here I like the green grass and rocks, when you go to the rocks you can see some beautiful foregrounds and find your own composition for your photography. This is a place where you can see the milky way because  it is very dark, the milky way is very visible to the eye.

Shooting at mount cabuyao rocks


This image was taken after the sun rises that is why it has no golden colors in the sky. I manage to capture some beautiful scenes at the place, and this is one of my favorite. I love the flowers in the foreground and rock and the sky. e

I was planning to shoot this scene with me standing on top of the rock but when I went there I saw that its hard to climb and dangerous. re