Add Beauty to your Landscape Photography


One of the most beautiful part in capturing landscapes is the sky specially if it is a colorful sky which you can see on the image above. If the sky has no color but has a good light you can still consider the sky to add more beauty on your photo.

Adding a beautiful mountains to your landscape photo can add more beauty to your photo specially if the mountain has different formation or layers of mountains. One more thing is if the light of the sun hits the mountain capture it because that is where you can see how beautiful the landscape is.

If you look at the sky and is developing with good light and colors, capture it right away because after counting minutes the good light will be gone of course don’t just keep on clicking you have to consider also a good foreground, look around you and find a nice foreground.

Landscape Photography | Mountains of Baguio City

The beautiful mountains of baguio city


What a great morning everyone. The image was taken at mount st tomas where you can see the mountains of baguio city. It was cloudy that time and the sun was covered a bit by the clouds. My friend and I spend the morning in the mountain for almost two hours waiting for a good light.

During that time let me tell you that the temperature was so freakin cold, we are high up the mountain experiencing the cold weather but after waiting for more than an hour it is already hot because the sun is up.