Today’s sunrise at burnham lake


Today I visited again the burnham lake for the second time to shoot the sunrise. I got there 5:30 am and it was a bit misty, I’ve waited for a good light to come out but did not happen the sun was covered with clouds so I just took a snapshot of the misty lake. d

I don’t have the best sunrise shoot at the burnham lake yet that is why I always go back to capture hoping to get one best shot. My goal is to capture a beautiful one or two but today it was just a bit misty sunrise.s

Mount Yangbew Sunrise



Today is february, time was just too fast its like yesterday was a minute ago. Still my plan this year is to travel until forever. I’ve got so much left that I want to do that I did not do last year I need to finish the race and story that I started. d a

I remember when I first hike this mountain I was like I’m on top of mount pulag but you cannot see a sea of clouds. You can only see la trinidad and baguio city.

I love how I took the shot here I like the green grass and rocks, when you go to the rocks you can see some beautiful foregrounds and find your own composition for your photography. This is a place where you can see the milky way because  it is very dark, the milky way is very visible to the eye.

2nd edited image of me



2 years ago I created my first picture similar to what you see above. The image editing is the same to what I did on my first picture, I took 6 pictures and combining them all to make it one image.

I was not suppose to post this image because of the image quality but I still post it anyway. As you can see on the image I look like a crazy guy doing crazy things If I don’t have any face reactions here it would look so freakin’ boring. The reaction is the most important thing you need to do in this kind of picture because that is what the viewers want to see first.


Check this link to see my first edited image.