Mount kalugong sunset


This mountain is one of the most visited place at tawang la trinidad. When you go inside there is a 50 pesos entrance fee and you can walk around or even stay for the whole day, you can also set up camp and spend the night. There is also a restaurant inside where you can eat your lunch or you snack.

The image you see above is one of my sunset shot during our visit to the place. The place place where I took the image was just below the restaurant, on the left side of the image that is la trinidad.p f

We spend an hour waiting for a good light to come up and boom I was able to capture the best light color of the sunset during that time.

The clouds is crawling, scene at mount yangbew


This was the shot that I took at the summit of mount yangbew. The cloud is moving to the left until the moutains were all covered with clouds. t h

Timelapse is better in capturing this kind of scene or by using ND filters to smooth the clouds. During that time I don’t have nd filters and I don’t know how to edit timelapse so I just took a handheld snapshot.

Another sunrise shot at mount cabuyao


In this shot I like my composition but there is something that is lacking, it is the foreground, if my shot has better foreground it would be much better. But I still love the image it is simple but beautiful.

There are so many good foreground here for your photography in this area but with this shot I know its simple but I love my framing here.S

The milky way galaxy seen at mount cabuyao


Last year of march 2016 I took this photo of the milky way at mount cabuyao. We were at the mountain 1 am just to shoot the milky way, it is a good place for shooting the milky way galaxy because it is dark but very cold at night.

This is my first milky way post this year that I took last year, my shot of the milky way a few weeks ago I will have to check it first before I post. I

Sunrise image of minesview park baguio


I am looking back through some of my recent photos to find something to share and find this one shot at minesview park during sunrise.

This shot was very difficult for me to take I’ll have to take two exposures and combine them, thy sky and the mountains was very beautiful even though I don’t like to see the houses in the frame I’ve got nothing to do but to include them on the frame.

My shot before this shot was the best one the colors were at their strongest a couple of minutes ago, I am so happy I was able to capture this scene even though the colors are simple but still love the image.a