Landscape Photography | Mountains of Baguio City

The beautiful mountains of baguio city


What a great morning everyone. The image was taken at mount st tomas where you can see the mountains of baguio city. It was cloudy that time and the sun was covered a bit by the clouds. My friend and I spend the morning in the mountain for almost two hours waiting for a good light.

During that time let me tell you that the temperature was so freakin cold, we are high up the mountain experiencing the cold weather but after waiting for more than an hour it is already hot because the sun is up.

Foggy morning at baguio city


You might think it is not foggy at all because of the picture, As you can see on the ground it is not foggy, I just took a picture where it is clear. I have been walking around searching for a place to photograph the fogs, from 5am to 8am (not exact) baguio city was covered with clouds I don’t know how it looks when you go to mount cabuyao.

Everywhere I go all I can see is fog its like I am in heaven walking around or floating above the clouds. I felt the cold and I am just wearing t-shirt.

Sunrise view at country club baguio city


As a photographer I am really enjoying taking pictures with a beautiful view like the picture you see above. 100 meters before I got to this location I am happy because I saw a beautiful view but while I am approaching I saw something that I didn’t like to see in my image, I saw a house below but I still took images because the sky is stunningly beautiful.

As I look back again with my image the house below did a good part in the image. I was thinking what will be my foreground if there is no house below? A plant? or a flower maybe? I think the house was just ok as a foreground it looks simple and beautiful.a

SM Baguio City at Night

SM Baguio

Before going to the mall I already pictured in my mind the image that I wanted to take so I don’t need to walk around and find the right composition.

When I got there it looks like the image that I am envisioning is not what I wanted to achieve, I took some shots and move to another spot and took another shots and reviewed the pictures and again I took severals shots with different compositions and still I could not find the image that I am envisioning, I don’t know what is lacking but I have one shot that looks a little better but not the image I wanted and that is the image above that you see, it is because I think the image is a bit balance and only few lights trails coming from the cars because there are only few passing cars.

There is another thing that I observe, there are fogs coming from the left I wanted to see fogs moving (I don’t know the right terms to use) but yes I wanted to see fogs moving around the area with longer exposure from 10 to 30 seconds but I could not do it because the image would be too bright because of the light from the mall.

But I am still happy with the image. l


The fountain at rose garden baguio city


For the past few years I have been visiting rose garden to take some sunset images with the fountain. The fountain was beautiful that time and the lights are glowing. I think it was 2013 when it first seen in public and it was the main attraction every night and also surrounded with people just to witness the fountain dancing.

This year I visited one more time to take one more shot and I observe one thing, the lights and colors of the fountain are fading and some are not even working, there is no water coming out. d

I think baguio people are now bored visiting this place because they always see same thing every night. The government need to rebuild.