Baguio loakan airport sunrise


I was busy wondering out looking for somewhere to capture sunrise and during that day someone chatted me on facebook inviting me to shoot sunrise and we ended up at loakan airport. I was not suppose to join them because I was thinking are there any good foreground at the airport? but I still join them because its my first time.

Now that we are at the airport looking for a simple foreground and I saw some leading lines going straight at the end of the airport and a beautiful sky. I took some shot until I get the right exposure for the sky and the foreground and combining them in photoshop to make one beautiful image.l



The Famous Burnham Park


Its been a long time that I did not post here, I am so busy for the whole month of may but today I am happy to go out again and take some shots at burnham park. I want this blog to be active that is why I am looking for ways and patiently going out to take some landscape shots and post it.r d

Last night I set my alarm clock to 4am but I woke up 5am and I look at my window to see the sky if it is good for sunrise shoot so I rush to burnham park hoping to have a colorful sunrise but when I got there it is not. I waited for more than 30 minutes still hoping to have a good sunrise but nothing happens.

Today’s sunrise at burnham lake


Today I visited again the burnham lake for the second time to shoot the sunrise. I got there 5:30 am and it was a bit misty, I’ve waited for a good light to come out but did not happen the sun was covered with clouds so I just took a snapshot of the misty lake. d

I don’t have the best sunrise shoot at the burnham lake yet that is why I always go back to capture hoping to get one best shot. My goal is to capture a beautiful one or two but today it was just a bit misty sunrise.s

The boring side of sunrise at burnham lake


It was my first time to visit the burnham lake this year in the morning to shoot the sunrise. I woke up 4:30 in the morning and I look at the window and I saw that it was cloudy so I am thinking if I am going to shoot sunrise or not. There are chances that if it is cloudy there will be a good light or good sunrise base from my experience 2 years ago so I went to the lake but it is still cloudy so I am thinking its gonna be a boring sunrise as you can see in the image.

You don’t really know what is going to happen in the future, I am expecting to have a good light for the sunrise this morning but it didn’t happen it is still cloudy.b

Anyway the temperature  of baguio now is rising its becoming hotter and hotter, for the lowland people it might be still cold for you but for us here in baguio it is so freakin’ hot, oh my goodness you are sweating all day and all night, the hot season starts.

Another sunrise shot at mount cabuyao


In this shot I like my composition but there is something that is lacking, it is the foreground, if my shot has better foreground it would be much better. But I still love the image it is simple but beautiful.

There are so many good foreground here for your photography in this area but with this shot I know its simple but I love my framing here.S

Sunrise image of minesview park baguio


I am looking back through some of my recent photos to find something to share and find this one shot at minesview park during sunrise.

This shot was very difficult for me to take I’ll have to take two exposures and combine them, thy sky and the mountains was very beautiful even though I don’t like to see the houses in the frame I’ve got nothing to do but to include them on the frame.

My shot before this shot was the best one the colors were at their strongest a couple of minutes ago, I am so happy I was able to capture this scene even though the colors are simple but still love the image.a