Second visit to sablan benguet


Finally this was the second time I visited sablan for sunset shoot. This is a behind the scene shot. The sunset during that time was beautiful than my first visit.

I am happy with my landscape shot here for the second time of visit. 15 minutes before reaching my destination I am worried because it was foggy and it is zero visibility, all that you can see is anything that is near you but the things that is far from you is you can’t see. When I reach the destination after 30 minutes it was all clear, everything is visible now.



Sunset at Sablan Benguet


This is behind the scene during our sunset shoot at sablan. I did not realize that one of my photography friend is taking us a picture with another friend behind, I saw his shot and tried also to shoot myself behind, what I did is get my camera and place it 5 meters away from me and shoot myself with my friends camera and that is the image above.

My other sunset image here was not good enough for me to post so I ask my friend if he wants to go back to see if the sunset is good to capture.