Sunrise view at country club baguio city


As a photographer I am really enjoying taking pictures with a beautiful view like the picture you see above. 100 meters before I got to this location I am happy because I saw a beautiful view but while I am approaching I saw something that I didn’t like to see in my image, I saw a house below but I still took images because the sky is stunningly beautiful.

As I look back again with my image the house below did a good part in the image. I was thinking what will be my foreground if there is no house below? A plant? or a flower maybe? I think the house was just ok as a foreground it looks simple and beautiful.a

Landscape Photography – Shooting Moving Clouds

One of my dream in shooting landscapes is shooting moving clouds over mountains I tried it out and here is the image I got.f


Because of lack of gears like the nd filter or dark filter I waited until evening just to shoot fog or the clouds.

The neutral density filter is a dark filter use in shooting at daylight with a long exposure. You cannot use nd filters at night you can only use the filter at daylight or before it gets dark. Try using the nd filter and compare it to the image without the filter, the effect has big difference,.. without using the filter the image looks boring but using the filter the image looks more dramatic. d

Baguio loakan airport sunrise


I was busy wondering out looking for somewhere to capture sunrise and during that day someone chatted me on facebook inviting me to shoot sunrise and we ended up at loakan airport. I was not suppose to join them because I was thinking are there any good foreground at the airport? but I still join them because its my first time.

Now that we are at the airport looking for a simple foreground and I saw some leading lines going straight at the end of the airport and a beautiful sky. I took some shot until I get the right exposure for the sky and the foreground and combining them in photoshop to make one beautiful image.l



The clouds is crawling, scene at mount yangbew


This was the shot that I took at the summit of mount yangbew. The cloud is moving to the left until the moutains were all covered with clouds. t h

Timelapse is better in capturing this kind of scene or by using ND filters to smooth the clouds. During that time I don’t have nd filters and I don’t know how to edit timelapse so I just took a handheld snapshot.

Shooting Sunrise | Ilocos Sur


2016 was the start of my travel experience for me. It was the year that I felt in love with travelling. I only travelled a few cities last year and that was the first time I felt like I want to travel more.

The weather here in ilocos sur was like a summer season in baguio city. It was so hot even if it is christmas season. I only wore “sando” because of the hot weather even the tourist just wore shorts and tshirts.

One of the reason why I visited ilocos sur is to shoot sunrise and the image above is one of my shot. It was too late for me to see these scene and I did not expect that there is a beautiful place like these for photography.

I love the sky of my shot but the foreground is not good enough for me I don’t have filters to use for the water flow. I did not also expect to visit and spend the night here that is why I don’t know that there is a place for landscape photography. These is the reason why I want to go back and shoot again with filters and at the right time.


Shooting moving clouds


The cloud is moving so fast that makes the cloud look soft or smooth and I love it. I capture it with 4 seconds long exposure with CPL filter. It is also my dream to shoot cloud movement and I made it. Soon I will buy 10 stop ND filter to shoot longer exposure, when you try to look at the filter it is very dark you can see nothing. The filter is use to shoot long exposure in daytime only you can not use it at night because it is already dark but its up to you if wanna still use it at night (just kidding) don’t ever use it at night.

What I really want to show in the image is the moving cloud next is the mountain. I know it is a very simple image but I hope you like it.

For me, I also love shooting in a cloudy moment doing long exposure becuase I love making clouds look soft the same with seascape I love making the water look clear and soft.

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The sunset light rays


It is the right timing for me to take this shot. When we were there it is drizzling and waiting for the sunset to develop. I went out from the car to  set up my camera while setting up we just saw the rays and we started capturing.

Every time  I go out for a landscape shoot its ok if I only take one best sharp image with the right exposures. Last year I have experience taking multiple shots but the problem is most of the images are blurry and not right exposures, it is still much better to focus on one composition only than taking multiple shots but not good enough. I reviewed some of my images last year and some of it are not good. I realize that it is a waste of time going out and take shots not focusing with one composition now I always remind myself to focus with one composition with the right exposures and with the right colors.

(sorry for my english grammar)

Early morning sunrise shoot


I got up early and went out for a sunrise shoot and was surprise with a beautiful sunrise. I want to be one of those landscape photographers who chase the light and those who chase the storm, their photographs where amazing and beautiful. Me and my friend went up to the mountains at the right time with his borrowed car.

We were their at 4:45am ad start shooting, after that we went down the road and we just saw a cloud moving over the mountains. I took some shots but when I got home to check my photos some of it was blurry but I have some shots that are also good to me.

In my experience, sometimes when I get excited to shoot landscapes I just keep on clicking my camera without checking if its blurry or not but I learned from my mistakes.

Fears I Face When Going Out for Landscape Shoot


I also have fears when going out alone especially during the sun rises because it is still dark, it does not mean that I’m afraid in the dark. These world is full of bad people, if I met one in the streets I don’t know what will they do to me, they might steal my camera and if you don’t want to give they might do something bad to you or something I don’t know, we don’t know what will happen next now I thought I would go ahead and share some of my fears I face these past few years.

  1. Going out alone

I don’t fear that much when going out alone. During my first time in photography I’m gonna say yes I fear going out alone especially during night photography but after more than 2 years of experience I realized that it is not that scary but it is challenging. The good news is I never been a victim of theft or never got stolen in my whole life.

2. Physical Challenges

Well first of all I am not an athlete but when you go out for landscape shoot and you want to take some beautiful shot, you need to go up and down the mountains you really need to be strong physically. One time my friend and I hike one of the mountains in benguet and I am about 20 meters away from him so I rested and wait for him, while waiting for him he rest too, I waited for 5 to 10 minutes and I call him and never answers, I call him for the second time and now he answers I ask him what happen? and he answered I got dizzy. For me getting dizzy during hiking is ok to me your dizziness will leave you right away.

If you have fears during your travel or anything and how you overcome them please share it in the comment below.