Foggy morning at baguio city


You might think it is not foggy at all because of the picture, As you can see on the ground it is not foggy, I just took a picture where it is clear. I have been walking around searching for a place to photograph the fogs, from 5am to 8am (not exact) baguio city was covered with clouds I don’t know how it looks when you go to mount cabuyao.

Everywhere I go all I can see is fog its like I am in heaven walking around or floating above the clouds. I felt the cold and I am just wearing t-shirt.

The fog is crawling over the mountains


I got to the place pass 5am when I got there I did not see any fog that is coming over the low mountains but while waiting for the sun to rise there is a little fog that is coming behind those trees at the right, I waited for more minutes and started to take a long exposure to make the fog look smooth and make it look like its really crawling over the mountains.

This is a two shots combined, one long exposure for the fog and fast shutter speed for the background. The image will be much better if I use a 4 or 10 stop nd filter and GND filter, by using these filters it will give you a balance image so you don’t need to take more shots to combine.


Baguio city: The sea of clouds

Its my dream to see a sea of clouds above the city.


I started visiting mount cabuyao last year and its my first time to see a cloud covering the city but its sad for me to say that I did not capture the image that I really really want with the sea of clouds.

The clouds is moving that time and what I want with the image is I want to make the cloud look smooth or soft but did not happen because I don’t have dark filters to use, I was suppose to take some shots while it is still dark but during that time it was foggy and I don’t see anything but fog, it was zero visibility , after the foggy moment I saw that the city was covered with clouds so I just took a snapshot not long exposure because I don’t have dark filters. I took the shot at day time.


Shooting at Minesview Park Baguio City


I never tried shooting directly at the sun because it always give me flares, my first try was fail, second and third try I fail again so what I did is to watch some YouTube tutorial to learn how to they do it and I also continued to ask some of my photography friends. After watching tons of tutorials and asking billions of questions I went back to the place and tried again and now I’ve done and nailed it.

The image above is at minesview park baguio city a place where I always keep coming back to practice what I learned in landscape photography.

As you can see I make the image black and white it is because I don’t like the original color. The color was good and beautiful but I don’t see the drama in it. I just want my image to look fresh and not boring colors so I just decided to make it black and white. For me if I saw something is not looking good in my image I need to do something and what I always do is make it black and white and see the result.

Mist During Rainy Season

Mist Mist Mist


Even if it is raining I still have the chance to go out and shoot. During rainy season expect a mist like these. The rain continuous to drop, according to the weather forecast it will continue to rain for 5 more days. That Sucks!

But anyway, hopefully these these coming weekend I pray that there will be a good sunrise if not there will be no landscape photography again in 2 weeks. I love shooting a mist its one of my favorite in photography its because it is different than just shooting sunrise or sunset, I just love the drama, I love to see the fog crawling around. The best way to see a fog or cloud moving is to go up to a high place, you can see how the cloud moves you can even do some time-lapse. Every time I go up to mount cabuyao where you can see the whole city of baguio I don’t have the chance to see a cloud moving, I always ask myself when will I see something like that? I’ll promise to post one if I got the chance.

Bad News

The whole philippines is experiencing heavy rains now, in the low lands they are experiencing floods which is many families are affected and many people died too, here in the high lands we are experiencing landslides which is not good too.

7 Days of Continuous Raining

Its rainy season


Its been 7 days of continuous raining until now so I never had the chance to go out for landscape photography. Today is a rainy season so we will be experiencing rains until the month of december.

I have a bad news, I have been sick these past 2 days, I don’t know if these is an effect of the weather or not, it is very cold. 2 days ago I feel headache and cannot sleep well but I am trying trying to get some sleep and rest and trying to do my best to get the headache away from me.

So much for that, now I’m praying that the rain will stop, I miss going out and miss shooting sunrise and sunset. Once the rain stops I will go out for sunrise or sunset shoot.

Well for now I don’t have much to say because I am still feeling sick, I can’t concentrate and can’t focus on what I am doing, these coming days lets see what will happen on the weather.