Foggy morning at baguio city


You might think it is not foggy at all because of the picture, As you can see on the ground it is not foggy, I just took a picture where it is clear. I have been walking around searching for a place to photograph the fogs, from 5am to 8am (not exact) baguio city was covered with clouds I don’t know how it looks when you go to mount cabuyao.

Everywhere I go all I can see is fog its like I am in heaven walking around or floating above the clouds. I felt the cold and I am just wearing t-shirt.

Baguio city: The sea of clouds

Its my dream to see a sea of clouds above the city.


I started visiting mount cabuyao last year and its my first time to see a cloud covering the city but its sad for me to say that I did not capture the image that I really really want with the sea of clouds.

The clouds is moving that time and what I want with the image is I want to make the cloud look smooth or soft but did not happen because I don’t have dark filters to use, I was suppose to take some shots while it is still dark but during that time it was foggy and I don’t see anything but fog, it was zero visibility , after the foggy moment I saw that the city was covered with clouds so I just took a snapshot not long exposure because I don’t have dark filters. I took the shot at day time.