My favorite image at ilocos sur


My last and one of my favorite shot at ilocos sur. I was able to take the shot with no filters on. I’ve waited for the sun to set until the day gets dark and start shooting. This was my last shot before heading back home to baguio city. y r re

What I like about the shot is my composition its very simple but I like it I have other several shots before this image but this is my favorite one and I think the best for me. d

Banaoang Bridge| Ilocos sur sunset


The bridge that you see was the newly built bridge of banaoang ilocos sur, the old bridge was above me while shooting the sunset, I went down below the bridge to shoot sunset. It was my first time to visit these place. Thankfully I brought my phone down to use the flashlight if not it will be hard for me to go up because it was dark at night.

I was expecting to have a clouds but when I got there it was blue sky. At the back of the bridge there was also a good spot for sunrise photography. Me and my friends were suppose to go back for sunrise shoot here but we woke up late. day

Shooting Sunrise | Ilocos Sur


2016 was the start of my travel experience for me. It was the year that I felt in love with travelling. I only travelled a few cities last year and that was the first time I felt like I want to travel more.

The weather here in ilocos sur was like a summer season in baguio city. It was so hot even if it is christmas season. I only wore “sando” because of the hot weather even the tourist just wore shorts and tshirts.

One of the reason why I visited ilocos sur is to shoot sunrise and the image above is one of my shot. It was too late for me to see these scene and I did not expect that there is a beautiful place like these for photography.

I love the sky of my shot but the foreground is not good enough for me I don’t have filters to use for the water flow. I did not also expect to visit and spend the night here that is why I don’t know that there is a place for landscape photography. These is the reason why I want to go back and shoot again with filters and at the right time.


Vigan City -Before the fountain begins


This was the shot that I took before the fountain starts to dance like crazy. I love how I captured the image here. If the people did not tell me you will get wet when the fountain starts to dance in this shot it was suppose to be a stunning shot for me.

I don’t blame the people telling me not to take a picture here because you will get wet when the fountain begins. If they did not tell me this words my shot would be much better. But still I love my shot here specially the colors.


The dancing fountain of vigan city


For the first time in my whole freakin life I visited vigan city. It is 3 to 4 hours trip from baguio city. The fountain was really dancing with background music and lasted for more than 30 minutes.

They told me that this spot where I captured the shot is not a good spot in taking pictures because you will get wet when the fountain starts but after waiting for a few minutes the fountain starts and I saw that the spot where I took the shot is safe so I went back and took the image.