Hundred Islands AlaminoPangasinan


It was my first time visiting hundred islands actually and it was so beautiful that I could not leave, I wanted to stay. The only thing that I don’t like is the food in this island it was so expensive but I like the beach.

We visited two islands only, the quezon island and the governors island which is the highest island, when you go up to the island you can see the whole hundred islands.  q


Bued Bridge Sison Pangasinan


We planned to shoot sunrise here but it was very cloudy and the sun was covered with clouds that is why I’m a bit disappointed, the sunrise has no colors but it was just ok and it was not good enough to photograph.

So what I just did is to go in the middle of the road and took a snapshot, at first it was scary because there are cars passing but I still continued just to take the shot. G