Landscape Photography | Baguio City Sunrise

Baguio City Sunrise


This is another sunrise image that I took at mount sto tomas. This is only a handheld shot. I was suppose to take the shot with a tripod with multiple shots because my plan is top capture the sun burst but don’t have time to set up so I just took it handheld.

By the way, I was just at the tip of the road when I took the shot I was standing there and when you look down it is dangerous  so I have to step background a little bit so that I will not slip or else you know what will happen, you will not gonna see me posting again.

Mount Cabuyao Sunrise

Landscape Photography | Mountains of Baguio City

The beautiful mountains of baguio city


What a great morning everyone. The image was taken at mount st tomas where you can see the mountains of baguio city. It was cloudy that time and the sun was covered a bit by the clouds. My friend and I spend the morning in the mountain for almost two hours waiting for a good light.

During that time let me tell you that the temperature was so freakin cold, we are high up the mountain experiencing the cold weather but after waiting for more than an hour it is already hot because the sun is up.

Sunrise view at country club baguio city


As a photographer I am really enjoying taking pictures with a beautiful view like the picture you see above. 100 meters before I got to this location I am happy because I saw a beautiful view but while I am approaching I saw something that I didn’t like to see in my image, I saw a house below but I still took images because the sky is stunningly beautiful.

As I look back again with my image the house below did a good part in the image. I was thinking what will be my foreground if there is no house below? A plant? or a flower maybe? I think the house was just ok as a foreground it looks simple and beautiful.a

A place that will inspire you to visit mount yangbew


Its been a year that I never visited mount yangbew, one of the mountain where I practice landscape photography, a place where I capture my simple sunrise image in 2015, from that year until 2016 I spend capturing images of sunrise, sunset and milky way but I never posted some of my shots on social medias.s

Now I’m gonna post one of the image I took last year march 2016. During that time there are too many hikers and wondering how can I take the shot with no people in the image. I spend a couple of minutes to wait for the people to get out from the place or area where I am standing. Of course I am not the guy that can tell to the people “get the hell out from the moutain” haha I CANT do that. d

After a very very very… very long tiring wait now there are no people around me or at the area where I set up my camera. I took the image above and that is where it was born.

Baguio loakan airport sunrise


I was busy wondering out looking for somewhere to capture sunrise and during that day someone chatted me on facebook inviting me to shoot sunrise and we ended up at loakan airport. I was not suppose to join them because I was thinking are there any good foreground at the airport? but I still join them because its my first time.

Now that we are at the airport looking for a simple foreground and I saw some leading lines going straight at the end of the airport and a beautiful sky. I took some shot until I get the right exposure for the sky and the foreground and combining them in photoshop to make one beautiful image.l



My favorite image at ilocos sur


My last and one of my favorite shot at ilocos sur. I was able to take the shot with no filters on. I’ve waited for the sun to set until the day gets dark and start shooting. This was my last shot before heading back home to baguio city. y r re

What I like about the shot is my composition its very simple but I like it I have other several shots before this image but this is my favorite one and I think the best for me. d

Shooting Sunrise | Ilocos Sur


2016 was the start of my travel experience for me. It was the year that I felt in love with travelling. I only travelled a few cities last year and that was the first time I felt like I want to travel more.

The weather here in ilocos sur was like a summer season in baguio city. It was so hot even if it is christmas season. I only wore “sando” because of the hot weather even the tourist just wore shorts and tshirts.

One of the reason why I visited ilocos sur is to shoot sunrise and the image above is one of my shot. It was too late for me to see these scene and I did not expect that there is a beautiful place like these for photography.

I love the sky of my shot but the foreground is not good enough for me I don’t have filters to use for the water flow. I did not also expect to visit and spend the night here that is why I don’t know that there is a place for landscape photography. These is the reason why I want to go back and shoot again with filters and at the right time.


Back to sablan benguet


Sablan is my home for sunset photography. The view is looking east where you can see la union province. I was fell in love with the colors of the sunset, the sky is stunning with beautiful golden colors. I am so lucky to capture the sunburst because the burst during that time fades quickly.

To those of you who are planning to visit sablan, go to the view deck where you can see somthing like the image above. I took the image almost 100 meters aways from sablan view deck but you don’t need to get far away from the view deck to see a better view.


Fiery in the sky – mines view park


Finally oh my goodness, I captured the image that I have been envisioning in my mind for the past 3 years.

Local photographers decided to shoot sunrise a few days ago at mines view park so we met all at the view deck, I am happy that I met another photographer.

I think this is one of my best shot that I captured at mines view I did not expect to have a good sunrise that time but thank God it was so beautiful. But wait, there was still one image that I want to capture here and that is a sea of clouds with a sunrise like this I don’t know if that is possible but I am hoping.


4 ways I do to improve my landscape images

I have spent the last 3 years taking pictures inside and outside baguio. I have slowly learned some techniques of landscape photography during these years by asking questions with experienced photographers, by watching tutorials online and by practicing regularly.


Here are some of my tips that I do to help you:

I go out and practice daily and don’t do snapshots

I have done these in my first year of photography, I usually go out to practice my craft until I get the right shots and do quick snapshots but doing snapshots will leave you boring photos, it is still much better to give time focusing on your composition before taking the shot, it is useless practicing daily with boring photos. Go out and practice.

I give time scouting locations

Some landscape locations here in baguio and benguet is I have scouted already I’ve visited these places so many times that is why every time I visit I know what composition that I want for my images. To the first time shooters get familiar to your location by searching maps or go the place early so that you will have time finding better foreground to your shot.

I use tripod

Tripod is important to me specially that I love shooting in low light. It helps me get sharp images without camera shake and I have control over my camera settings. If I don’t have tripod I don’t have better self portraits, I also use it in shooting water flows specially in seascapes and fountains.

Photo post processing (I edit my images)

This is what professionals always do they process their images to make it more lively. Post processing is very important in any photography genres and it is part of photography it is NOT cheating. Manipulating or adding some elements in your images is what I called cheating, it is not good, it is not professional and it is not part of photography.

There you go this is what I always do to improve my images.