Today is my one year of blogging

My one year of blogging


Its been a year since I started blogging. I wanna say thank you guys for all the comments, likes and visits. It really encourages me to write more and share it with you.

Today I am happy because I made it for one year, I know blogging is not easy but I believe that someday I will get hundreds and thousands of views. I just made a photo collage with some of my landscape images from my one year of blogging and some of them are on the images page.

Mount Yangbew Adventure


First of all the mountain is not too high to hike, when you visit the mountain it will just take you less than 30 minutes of hike. During my first visit to the mountain I was so tired maybe because it was my first time but its true it was so tiring and my legs are shaking but when you reach the summit its like you have won million dollars of cash thats how I felt when I reach the summit.


On my social media accounts I was ask some questions about mount yangbew. I cannot answer everything on my social media. I will answer it on my blog and I will only answer some important questions that you need to know.

  1. Where was mount yangbew located? My answer to this question is “google it”. Just kidding! The mountain is located at tawang la trinidad benguet it is called mt jumbo but the real name is yangbew. Along the road you will see signs that you need to follow directing to the main entrance of the mountain. From there you will see a sign again going up to the mountain that is the start of the hike.
  2. How much is the transportation fee? From baguio to tawang la trinidad it will cost you 17 pesos if you will ride a jeepney but if you want to ride a taxi it will cost you more than 100 pesos but I suggest choose jeepney because its cheaper.IMG_9035
  3. How about the entrance fee, how much it cost? During my first visit to the mountain it is free I got nothing to pay but now there is a fee of 35 pesos and 25 for the students I am not sure of the fees anymore because its been a year that I never visited.IMG_3828
  4. What to bring? In this 20 minutes hike you don’t need to bring a lot of things just bring with you 1 liter of water, extra clothes if you need it and the most important to bring is a camera, a phone camera or dslr. Take a picture of your adventure, take some shots of sunrise and sunset and I forgot bring umbrella to cover you from rain and sun. s


A place that will inspire you to visit mount yangbew


Its been a year that I never visited mount yangbew, one of the mountain where I practice landscape photography, a place where I capture my simple sunrise image in 2015, from that year until 2016 I spend capturing images of sunrise, sunset and milky way but I never posted some of my shots on social medias.s

Now I’m gonna post one of the image I took last year march 2016. During that time there are too many hikers and wondering how can I take the shot with no people in the image. I spend a couple of minutes to wait for the people to get out from the place or area where I am standing. Of course I am not the guy that can tell to the people “get the hell out from the moutain” haha I CANT do that. d

After a very very very… very long tiring wait now there are no people around me or at the area where I set up my camera. I took the image above and that is where it was born.

Baguio loakan airport sunrise


I was busy wondering out looking for somewhere to capture sunrise and during that day someone chatted me on facebook inviting me to shoot sunrise and we ended up at loakan airport. I was not suppose to join them because I was thinking are there any good foreground at the airport? but I still join them because its my first time.

Now that we are at the airport looking for a simple foreground and I saw some leading lines going straight at the end of the airport and a beautiful sky. I took some shot until I get the right exposure for the sky and the foreground and combining them in photoshop to make one beautiful image.l



The sunrise at mines view park


`My second image during my visit to mines view park. I was suppose to capture the scene with no people but I cannot say to them to get out from there so now they are part of my image.

During that time the sunrise is not that good but I am happy to meet some people specially the athletes from manila they are here for their training camp.

The image is two frames, one with background and one with foreground and combining them together to make one image. It was really hard to combine these images because it has two different exposures but it was challenging before buying some filters to use so that it will be easier for me to edit and no need to combine multiple exposures. d

Shooting Sunrise | Ilocos Sur


2016 was the start of my travel experience for me. It was the year that I felt in love with travelling. I only travelled a few cities last year and that was the first time I felt like I want to travel more.

The weather here in ilocos sur was like a summer season in baguio city. It was so hot even if it is christmas season. I only wore “sando” because of the hot weather even the tourist just wore shorts and tshirts.

One of the reason why I visited ilocos sur is to shoot sunrise and the image above is one of my shot. It was too late for me to see these scene and I did not expect that there is a beautiful place like these for photography.

I love the sky of my shot but the foreground is not good enough for me I don’t have filters to use for the water flow. I did not also expect to visit and spend the night here that is why I don’t know that there is a place for landscape photography. These is the reason why I want to go back and shoot again with filters and at the right time.


Back to sablan benguet


Sablan is my home for sunset photography. The view is looking east where you can see la union province. I was fell in love with the colors of the sunset, the sky is stunning with beautiful golden colors. I am so lucky to capture the sunburst because the burst during that time fades quickly.

To those of you who are planning to visit sablan, go to the view deck where you can see somthing like the image above. I took the image almost 100 meters aways from sablan view deck but you don’t need to get far away from the view deck to see a better view.


Second visit to sablan benguet


Finally this was the second time I visited sablan for sunset shoot. This is a behind the scene shot. The sunset during that time was beautiful than my first visit.

I am happy with my landscape shot here for the second time of visit. 15 minutes before reaching my destination I am worried because it was foggy and it is zero visibility, all that you can see is anything that is near you but the things that is far from you is you can’t see. When I reach the destination after 30 minutes it was all clear, everything is visible now.



The view of sunset at sablan benguet


My first expectation is to shoot at the view deck but I’m not able to shoot because there is a wire in front of the deck so my friend and I move down a bit to see if there is a much better spot.

It was my first time to shoot sunset in this location. My problem in this place was you can see electric wire in the foreground you cannot see it in the image because I remove it, it is not very visible when you see it personally.

The sunset was not that beautiful as I expected, there is a saying that says there is always second chance, its true. I wanna go back in this location again for sunset shoot because I saw a good foreground for my next shot.


The fog is crawling over the mountains


I got to the place pass 5am when I got there I did not see any fog that is coming over the low mountains but while waiting for the sun to rise there is a little fog that is coming behind those trees at the right, I waited for more minutes and started to take a long exposure to make the fog look smooth and make it look like its really crawling over the mountains.

This is a two shots combined, one long exposure for the fog and fast shutter speed for the background. The image will be much better if I use a 4 or 10 stop nd filter and GND filter, by using these filters it will give you a balance image so you don’t need to take more shots to combine.